Our Goal: Get that Big Grin

Vintage Iron Cycles e bikes Vancouver

We’re a dedicated group of cyclists who embrace the idea of two wheel riding in style. We’re passionate about offering beautiful hand-crafted electric bikes that marry old-world styling with the latest electric motor technology. It’s rolling art meets function and style with zero emissions in one package.

Our goal is to craft a bike that makes you feel good. A bike that you’ll admire endlessly and maybe hand-down to someone you feel will appreciate the custom handwork and detail of a new vintage styled electric bike. Battery technology today has advanced tremendously and it gets better every year.   Electric bikes can now run for up to 70 kilometers per charge.

Riding an electric bike is not only environmentally friendly but a blast to drive without a license or insurance required.The big grins we get from our customers who ride our bikes are a testament to the fun and cool factor.

Visit Iron wear clothing, cafe and lounge. Or call for an appointment to see us in action if you’re in the hood. We ship worldwide.