Synergy Storm – Dual 1200W Electric Scooter



The Synergy Storm is an electrifying off-road adventure on wheels! Get ready to embark on thrilling expeditions with this powerhouse of a scooter, boasting not one, but two blazing 1200W motors that’ll propel you through rugged terrain like a bolt of lightning. Whether you’re conquering untamed trails, scaling steep hills, or cruising through the wilderness, the Synergy Storm is your ultimate companion for an electrifying off-road experience like no other. It’s time to storm through the wild with unstoppable power and exhilarating speed!

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Embark on an electrifying off-road adventure with the Synergy Storm, a remarkable all-terrain companion that promises an exhilarating journey through the untamed landscapes. This scooter stands as a symbol of power and innovation, featuring a robust design and twin 1200W motors that elevate your off-road experience to unprecedented levels.

As you venture through rugged terrains, the Synergy Storm becomes the epitome of reliability, effortlessly propelling you forward like a surge of lightning. With each turn of the wheel, whether you’re conquering challenging trails, conquering steep hills, or gliding through the wilderness, this scooter serves as your steadfast ally, facilitating an unparalleled off-road experience.

The engineering brilliance behind the Synergy Storm ensures a seamless blend of power and agility, allowing you to navigate through the toughest landscapes with ease and grace. Its dual 1200W motors work harmoniously, providing not only raw power but also a sense of control, enabling you to conquer the unknown with confidence and precision.

This vehicle is not merely a mode of transport; it is an invitation to embrace the wild with unrestrained power and thrilling speeds. Its robust construction ensures durability, while its state-of-the-art technology ensures a smooth and safe ride. The Synergy Storm embodies the spirit of adventure, inviting enthusiasts to explore the outdoors with an unparalleled sense of freedom and excitement.

So, gear up and let the Synergy Storm lead the way as you storm through the wilderness, offering an experience that’s not just about reaching a destination but about relishing every moment of the journey itself.


Additional information

Dimensions 145 × 38 × 65 cm

26Ah 21700 Lithium-Ion

Approx Range

37-45Miles – on flat ground with 165lbs load

Charging Time


Size (opened)

Length 1330 mm, Handle-bar width 630 mm, Height 1300 mm

Size (folded)

Length 1330 mm, Pedal width 260 mm, Height 550 mm

Top Speed

Gear 1: 15mph, Gear 2: 37mph, Gear 3: 49mph

Grade Ability


Motor Type

DC Brushelss

Rated Motor Power

1,200W x 2 (total of 2,400W)

Peak Motor Power

1,800W x 2 (total of 3,600W)


11" run-flat tubeless tire


6061 Aluminum Alloy


Front and Rear ZOOM Hydraulic Brake with electric regeneration braking

Available upgrades

Damping Adjust, Front Light, Brake Lights, Turn Signals

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